Easy DIY Ideas for your Room Decor

Hello everyone! So as I am going to redecorate my room this week I was searching some DIY ideas and I have found a lot of cool stuff, which I thought I would share with you guys. Actually, I already had an idea of what I wanted to do in my room, specially because I spend A LOT of time on Tumblr and there is a bunch of decorating tips there, but now I feel like I have something to work with.

1- Frames

You can find these frames in any store, such as T.J Maxx, Ross, Home Goods, and then you can print a picture that you like and it’s done, super easy, cheap and also good looking!





Shelves aren’t expensive and they look super cute specially if you fill them with your favorite books, CD’s, flowers or anything that goes nice with your room!





3-The Polaroid Wall

I am still trying to convince my sister that we should do that, because it’s super pretty and old school and stuff. Of course you can use normal photos, it doesn’t have to be polaroid, but anyway. You can just scotch-tape the pictures into your wall or you can do something much more cool and eye pleasing, such as:
You can tye long strands of twine between two nails and then hang the photos with miniature clothespins!




I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you want me to do a post just about how I’m decorating my own room, you can always comment down below. Thanks for reading, xoxo!


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