Hopes and Dreams

Artwork by Ben Lewis Giles

I used to have awesome and impossible dreams. I used to spend nights thinking about it, picturing how my life would be in ten years if I achieved every goal I’ve ever dreamed of. It’s not like I don’t have dreams anymore, but now I guess I’m just starting to accept reality. That’s sad in so many ways. Our dreams are replaced with easier and possible things, like going to college instead of being an artist. When we are young as I am now, we have so many dreams and they are all so hard to reach and even though they may seem impossible, we mix reality with fantasies and believe things are going to work out and that all our hopes will come true.

But, if there is something I’ve learned from older people, it would be: life is unexpected. And confused, and messy. And sometimes, tough. But that doesn’t make it less beautiful or worth living.

That’s why it’s amazing and magical, there is beauty in unexpected. Life is like a box full of surprises: You never know what you’re going to get.

-Marina Moreno


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