My Room Decor

Hi there! So, the other day I posted here some ideas for your room decor because I found a lot of interesting stuff while I was looking for things that would go nice with my room.

Needless to say, I had to show you guys the result. Of course, you have never seen my room before but I can guarantee you that those tips worked and simple things can become awesome decoration objects.

Let’s get started? So, I first bought some mirros with super cute frames. I thought that they would look good on my wall.



This is how they look like! They are super pretty and it just makes my room really comfortable and sweet.



Something else that I posted here as an idea is: A bookshelf. I have this one which is white, and I’ve filled it with my favorite books and CD’s…




I also have two frames that I bought and I printed one of my favorite movies (Pulp Fiction) poster and a drawing of Lana Del Rey(♥)



So, that’s kinda how my room(or at least part of it) looks like. If you want a room tour, just comment here down below that I’ll try my best to do it! Xoxo


*All the pictures in this post are mine, please don’t use it or claim it as your own.



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