My Room Decor

Hi there! So, the other day I posted here some ideas for your room decor because I found a lot of interesting stuff while I was looking for things that would go nice with my room.

Needless to say, I had to show you guys the result. Of course, you have never seen my room before but I can guarantee you that those tips worked and simple things can become awesome decoration objects.

Let’s get started? So, I first bought some mirros with super cute frames. I thought that they would look good on my wall.


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Winter Makeup Look

Hi there, y’all! So, a couple of days ago I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel asking for video ideas and I’ve got a bunch of cool ideas(Thanks, btw <3) but if you look at the comments, one request that stands out among all the others is the “Winter Makeup Look”, so I decided to record it!

To watch it, click right here, and make sure you  give it a big thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel if you’re not subscribed yet.


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🦄💦🔮Photoshooting with friends :: Mystic 🔮✨


Hello everyone! Did u miss me? I surely missed you guys. So, I wasn’t posting anything cause I didn’t have anything interesting to show y’all, but last week it was my friend’s birthday so me  and my squad(✨💖💖) we went to her house to celebrate and we ended up doing a photoshoot.

Of course, we are not professionals, we used our phones and we made our own makeup and stuff, but it was all for fun, and actually I really liked the result. So as I found it pretty interesting and worth showing you, I’m gonna post the best pictures here. I also made a playlist on Spotify with songs that reminds me of these pictures, to listen it, click here.

Hopes and Dreams

Artwork by Ben Lewis Giles

I used to have awesome and impossible dreams. I used to spend nights thinking about it, picturing how my life would be in ten years if I achieved every goal I’ve ever dreamed of. It’s not like I don’t have dreams anymore, but now I guess I’m just starting to accept reality. That’s sad in so many ways. Our dreams are replaced with easier and possible things, like going to college instead of being an artist. When we are young as I am now, we have so many dreams and they are all so hard to reach and even though they may seem impossible, we mix reality with fantasies and believe things are going to work out and that all our hopes will come true.

But, if there is something I’ve learned from older people, it would be: life is unexpected. And confused, and messy. And sometimes, tough. But that doesn’t make it less beautiful or worth living.

That’s why it’s amazing and magical, there is beauty in unexpected. Life is like a box full of surprises: You never know what you’re going to get.

-Marina Moreno

Easy DIY Ideas for your Room Decor

Hello everyone! So as I am going to redecorate my room this week I was searching some DIY ideas and I have found a lot of cool stuff, which I thought I would share with you guys. Actually, I already had an idea of what I wanted to do in my room, specially because I spend A LOT of time on Tumblr and there is a bunch of decorating tips there, but now I feel like I have something to work with.

1- Frames

You can find these frames in any store, such as T.J Maxx, Ross, Home Goods, and then you can print a picture that you like and it’s done, super easy, cheap and also good looking!




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This Week’s Playlist

So, I’ve always been that kind of person who only listen to one kind of music, but now I just feel that there is so many good songs out there and it doesn’t matter if they’re pop, rock, indie, whatever;if you feel good listening, then you should listen. So, every time I upload these kind of posts, there will always be different kinds of music. So, that’s what I’ve been listening this week(I know it’s tuesday but I’ll probably listen to them for the rest of the week anyway).

1-“Music To Watch Boys To” – Lana Del Rey

2-“After Hours”- The Velvet Underground

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